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The Commonwealth of Virginia is divided into many different counties.  York County dominates an area of 105 sq. miles of land and 110 sq. miles of water. Previously known as the Charles River County, York County makes up the largest county in all of Virginia, with the York River running on its northern end.

As of 2010, this Hamptons Road County was home of 65, 464 people. Since Yorktown is an unincorporated county seat, it falls in the Virginia BeachNorfolkNewport News Metropolitan Area of the state. York County is one of the eight oldest regions of Virginia. Formed in 1634, this county has immense historical significance for the United States.

Part of the Historic Triangle of Colonial Virginia (the other two counties being Jamestown and Williamsburg), it was in York County that the last battle against the British paved the way to freedom as the latter surrendered in 1781. When the British landed in Virginia some 30 years prior to this time, they established a town called Jamestown in the Southern Peninsula of Virginia. Later in 1634, as their rule and dominion expanded in all directions, what is today known as York County was named Charles River County after King Charles I.

During the English Civil War, this name was changed to York and has hence been sustained. From all the historic and culturally significant regions of Virginia, York County is one that still has the same political form as it did back in Colonial Time. It is for this reason that the many attractions in this region are esteemed for the reflection of times gone by.

Development of York County

Most of the development that took place in York County was either during the times of the British or, later in the 20th century. Tobacco Trade was a particularly significant development of the British rule, which was followed by the establishment of modern housing schemes, concrete roads and highways and eventually, commercial development.

A huge chunk of York County was dedicated for military training and planning. Even today, the midsection of the county is mostly parkland and military fields that are populated by army personnel. Some popular facilities include; The Naval Weapons Station Yorktown established during World War I and Camp Peary, established during World War II.

Along the York River in the East, there is a small industrial area with a power plant and a deserted petroleum terminal. On the northern side, development has recently begun- with shopping complexes and residential communities springing up to make basic amenities available for those living close by. These residential blocks fall in Atlantic Appraisal Group’s operations and services.

Even though there are small sub-urban commercial zones in the southern part of the county, when compared to adjacent areas like the Hamptons, Virginia Beach and Newport News, York remains to be mellow and humble in its existence. With a per capital income of $36,755, the residents of York County travel back and forth the neighboring regions for work and other endeavors on a daily basis.