Virginia Beach Appraisals


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Virginia Beach, one of the most popular locations in the State of Virginia, and all over the United States, is a beautiful waterfront city.  This location is the most populated in the Hampton Roads region, with a cumulative census of 448,479 recorded in 2013. Opening into the Chesapeake Bay, Virginia Beach is notoriously known as America’s First Region and includes the cities of Chesapeake, Newport News, Hamptons, Portsmouth, Norfolk and Suffolk.

Virginia Beach is a delightful mix of ethnicities. The population consists of 67.7% Whites, 19.6% African Americans, 6.1% Asians, 0.4% American Indians, 2% other races and 4% that belong to two or more races.

Known to be home to the longest Pleasure Beach of the world, Virginia Beach is a hot spot for tourist. It attracts a sizable population of fun loving people from all across the Hampton Roads area as well as all over the country every season. Being close to other smaller cities like Chesapeake, the beaches are always crowded with locals who set up stalls for artifacts and other local specialties.

One never runs out of activities to do in Virginia Beach. If you aren’t at a soccer tournament one day, you will be busy with the East Coast Surfing Championship. If it isn’t a stroll in one of the beautiful city parks, it would be a visit to the various historic sites and monuments nestled in between commercial high-rise, apartment complexes and huge homes-most of which are appraised by the Atlantic Appraisal Group.

Activities In Virginia Beach

The people in Virginia Beach enjoy sports. There are many fields and indoor sport centers that one can visit and even take part in a game. Most neighborhood parks have skateboard equipment and slopes built for children to enjoy in the evenings. Water sports, in particular, are a favorite pastime with the locals.

The waves crashing in on the shore of Atlantic Ocean are mounted by fearless surfers who train all year round to participate in surfing championships. These championships are a hot event in the city, visited by people of all ages. Apart from this, cruises and boat rides are easily available for people to spend sunny days out in the Atlantic Ocean.

If you want to stay inland, the city is home to a number of museums and educational centers. The Virginia Aquarium and Science Center is an ideal place for a family visit. So is the Military Aviation Museum that attracts thousands of people to its premises for a look at some of the most impressive displays of jets, aircrafts and flying equipment.

In terms of culture and art, the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art is a great attraction that houses paintings, sculptures, photography and visual media from acclaimed artists in the country. Moreover, the Virginia Beach Amphitheater hosts regular concerts and shows for some beach time entertainment.

Also known as the Neptune City, Virginia Beach hosts its biggest festival of the year, called the Neptune Festival in September. Multiple locations are decorated for events and air shows that celebrate the city’s cultural ties with other countries.