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Suffolk enjoys the reputation of being the largest city in all of Virginia and the 11th largest city by area, in all of the United States of America. Founded in 1742, the city has witnessed massive amounts of development and urbanization regimes. Situated in the Hampton Roads area, Suffolk is a city that offers a promising lifestyle to its fellow residents.

Of all the cities located in Hampton Roads, Suffolk has had a history of established and well-integrated transportation systems, its port being of an utmost strategic importance. Around the 1800s, Suffolk attained the title of an incorporated town, which was later revised to an incorporated city in the early 1900s.

From an agricultural perspective, the area was rich in peanuts and the infamous Planter’s Peanuts that are manufactured in the United States and exported all over the world were initially manufactured in Suffolk.

Historic Sites in Suffolk

Building at 216 Bank Street

Established in 1885, the Building at 216 Bank Street was initially known as Holland House Apartments and continues to accommodate a number of families under its roof. Back in the days, it was specifically built for Colonel Edward Everett Holland as a residence for his family. Later on, from a two and a half storey building, it was converted into a six-unit apartment complex.

East Suffolk Complex

The East Suffolk Complex is a dedicated complex for African-American students to acquire elementary and high school education, within a 6-acre area. The foundations of this complex were set by the establishment of the East Suffolk Elementary School in 1926. The complex was expanded soon enough, in the late 1930s, with the addition of the East Suffolk High School. The Gymnasium building was the last addition to this facility around the 1950s. Both the school buildings have a Colonial inspired architecture, whereas the Gymnasium building has a more contemporary look and feel to it. The complex was, however, shut down around 1979 and until today, stands as a historical tourist attraction.

Phillips Farm

Amidst a 6.5-acre stretch of lush green, Phillips Farm is the perfect place for a tranquil and peaceful getaway from the hustle bustle of city life. The farmhouse situated in the center of the plantation was built in 1820 and is a one and a half storey frame house. At the time of its inception, it was known as Percy-Pitt Farms and it resembled a classic English, Victorian house. Later on, in 1848, an additional 13 by 30 feet was supplemented to the original design.

Riddick House

A Greek Revival architectural inspired townhouse, the foundations of the Riddick House were laid in 1837. The Riddick House occupies a space of around one acre and comprises of a two and a half storey building. The history of this house dates back to the American Civil War, when the Riddick House was used by General John J. Peck as the headquarters of their Union Army Staff. This brick townhouse is famous for its architecture and stands as an emblem of the struggles of the Great War in the 1800s. Its history is preserved through the years and the Riddick House falls under Suffolk’s infamous Historic District.

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