Appraiser & Appraisal Consulting – Professional Speaker

placeholderRob Meadows is a dynamic, knowledgeable, and entertaining speaker that has a wealth of knowledge that he imparts to the attendees of his seminars.  With more than 10 years of experience in the Appraising and Consulting Industry, Rob talks about a number of aspects of the real estate industry and also makes sure he entertains the crowd to give them a moral that they will remember.

Training with Professional Knowledge

If you have never attended one of Rob’s sessions, prepare to sit through a lively discussion that is engaging, interactive, knowledgeable, and highly interesting; thus making the Real Estate and Appraisal Industry entertaining.

Some Potential Speaking Topics Include:

  • Basics Of Appraisals
  • How Do Appraisers Make Necessary Adjustments?
  • FHA Guidelines For Appraisals (Including Required Repairs)
  • How To Prepare For an Appraisal
  • Tips In Working With an Appraiser
  • Challenging a Poor Appraisal
  • Misconceptions: What You Can/Can’t Say To An Appraiser
  • What’s Going On In The Appraisal Industry
  • Qualify An Appraiser
  • Trends In The Local Market
  • And MUCH more!

Want Rob Meadows To Speak At Your Event?

Rob attends public events personally to deliver speeches and also does the same using online media. Whichever way you want to make him a part of your gathering, contact his office on phone: 757.296.8800 or via email- to set a time and place.