Rush Appraisals


Need A Quality Appraisal, But Don’t Have Time? We Offer Rush Appraisals

One usually expects a big tradeoff between quality and time. If you order an appraisal at the eleventh hour, you are positive it wouldn’t be as accurate as it should be, aren’t you? Not with us. No matter what the duration of time between our agents visiting to your house and delivering the appraisal report; you can expect top-notch quality any time and any day.

Atlantic Appraisal Group’s urgent appraisals for properties in the Hampton Roads area are an essential part of the company’s service portfolio; and we make sure that you get nothing but the best of appraisal services every time you contact us.

Criteria Required For Rush Appraisals

If you are in a rush to have your house appraised, we understand your need for quick and accurate results. However, since this service requires a lot of manpower, expertise and the potential of putting many other projects on hold; there are a number of requirements that will have to be fulfilled before you can make use of this facility.

Types of Rush Appraisals Urgencies

To accommodate varying needs and requirements, we offer two different types of urgent appraisal services in the company portfolio. Both of these are prioritized by our appraisers, but have a couple of specifics.

  1. Rush Service: With the Rush Service, our appraisers commit to be at your doorstep, appraise and compile the results, all within 48 hours. To accelerate this process, the appraisal report is usually sent electronically to make sure there are no delays. With our commitment, you can expect the same expedited service even on holidays and weekends.

Since these facilities are provided on immediate notice, the Rush Service adds a 25% charge to the normal appraisal fee.

  1. Super Rush Service: In ‘too much’ of a hurry? Opt for the Super Rush Appraisal Service. Within this package, all measurements and appraisals are completed and the report delivered to you electronically within a mere 24 hours of contact.

To pull up the resources for a quality, yet hurried appraisal, the Super Rush Service adds a 50% charge to the normal appraisal fee.

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