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Do You Have Realistic placeholderExpectations From Your Realtor?

In the volatile real estate environments of today, one has to be very careful when dealing with properties that can fluctuate in value easily. While each of us likes to think that our homes and properties will fetch very high values, many a times this isn’t the right picture to keep in mind. Unrealistic expectations in the real estate  industry can result in huge losses that may take years to recover.

It is for this reason that we stress the importance of realistic figures, values and expectations when it comes to assess and appraising your homes. Having a fair market price assigned to your property on the Hampton Roads is half the work done when you think about selling or leasing it out. However, the process to  calculate this value, ensure it is realistic and then put up the house in sale is not only tedious; it can tire out the most persistent of homeowners.

This is where the Atlantic Appraisal Group’s services come in. Having expert help in such times is a big positive because our company has the experience and the right human resource to help individual homeowners as well as seasoned real estate personnel to give a fair list price that helps sell homes successfully. While a realtor also has adequate knowledge of the industry to conduct an initial valuation, such an opinion may not be unbiased.

The result? When you step forward to put your sought after Hampton Roads house on MLS, it won’t have realistic figures for price and square footage. Hundreds of people go through this dilemma that wastes a lot of time in the overall sales process.

Pre-Listing Appraisals – The Right Way in Real Estate

To avoid the hassle of repetitions, our expert appraisers always advise homeowners to opt for a pre-listing appraisal. Such an appraisal ensures that you and your real estate agent are on the same wavelength and hold realistic expectations for the sales or purchase of the house under question.

Apart from this, a pre-listing appraisal has the following benefits:

  • It is an effective tool for negotiation because it establishes credibility
  • It gives the seller confidence because he has a written proof by an independent appraiser
  • Puts improvement areas at the forefront to make sure sales are closed without unnecessary and last minute delays.

A true list price does no harm. In fact, it can accelerate the process of selling a home in more than one way. Just the same way as an overpriced house does not sell; an underpriced sale can leave you with regrets- a lot of money that is technically yours! Hence, the need for timely and accurate appraisals is paramount for a house sale to be smooth and streamlined.

Once you start the appraisal process with the Atlantic Appraisal Group; the appraiser assigned to you will best decide whether an in-depth appraisal is necessary or a limited valuation analysis suffices.

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