Pre-Foreclosure & Short Sales


Bring Stability to Real Estate with Pre-Foreclosure & Short Sales Appraisals

Everyone knows the unpredictable nature of the real estate market. Where one evening the prices of homes is stable, the other it may be plunging for the smallest of reasons. Many an investor, financial planner and homeowner have experienced serious losses because of the varied fluctuations in real estate and related industries.

How can such losses be curbed? What can be done from the perspective of those planning to invest in the real estate market to bring a certain level of credibility and certainty to their sales? The answer: Pre-Foreclosure and Short Sales Appraisals with the Atlantic Appraisal Group.

How Do Pre-Foreclosure & Short Sale Appraisals Work?

Pre-Foreclosure and Short Sale Appraisals are conducted by experienced real estate professionals at the group who have an in-depth knowledge about the local market. These professionals conduct many analyses, study reports and carry out research to conclude whether the price of a property or estate is justified or not. In other words, the aim for the appraisal is to determine where the ‘fair market price’ is truly fair or not.

With the help of the fair market value, clients are able to determine the quick disposition price, the charge-off liability and the value of non-performing inventory that should be deducted. This means that without proper appraisal of the real estate a client is about to invest in, the feasibility of the decision to investment in property on the Hampton Roads cannot be gauged.

Pre-Foreclosure and Short Sale Appraisals hold value for many types of clients- all of whom view the same result from a different lens. Our team of experienced appraisers are able to understand these different perspectives; enabling them to analyze a situation and appraise certain properties from specific angles.

Some of the most important clients who need this information include:

  • Commercial real estate owners
  • Banks that own real estate
  • Homeowners
  • Mortgage lenders
  • Law firms
  • Financial institutions that give out loans
  • Government agencies dealing with real estate

Keeping this in mind, it becomes easy to understand that the need for pre-foreclosure assessment is paramount in a world where real estate prices fluctuate very easily.

Where to Begin With Pre-Foreclosure & Short Sale Appraisals

For a real estate property to be evaluated, it needs to be inspected thoroughly. The condition of the interior and the way it has been maintained are important factors that determine the price it will fetch. However, if a property is being foreclosed, the person owing it may not be cooperative.

He may cause damage to it, refuse to allow an inspection, abandon the real estate or even neglect the place for a long time. Such conditions make the appraisal process harder and more time consuming.  Since circumstances are unique and specific to the case under question, you will need all the professional help and experience you can get at the Atlantic Appraisal Group.

An appraisal report has all the necessary information you would need to determine whether the short sale or pre-foreclosure is being conducted at a fair price or not.

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