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Another waterfront city in the State of Virginia, Portsmouth has a class of its own. Located strategically along the Elizabeth River in the Hampton Roads area, Portsmouth is home to the Norfolk Naval Shipyard- one of the world’s biggest and busiest shipyards. Naval ships, boats and aircraft carriers are docked at the shipyard that is a hub of year round activity and business.

On the other side of the Elizabeth River is the city of Norfolk. Ferry rides from Portsmouth operate every few hours, taking people across the river for business and leisure. As of 2010, the city had a population of 95,535 and a total area of 47 sq. miles, out of which 34 sq. miles is land and 13 sq. miles is water.

Unlike other newer cities in Virginia, Portsmouth has a rich past as a port city. It has been used for this purpose since 1620, when John Wood, a seasoned shipbuilder recognized the immense potential the city had to become a port location. Under the control of King James I at the time, Portsmouth was turned into a docking station even before it was granted the status of a city.

It was not until 1752 that the land surrounding the port was named as Portsmouth, after the same location in England. For some time afterwards, the city remained under colonial rule, which gave it the many historic sites that have turned into timeless tourist attractions.

Being a riverfront city, Portsmouth has a very lively atmosphere, and is a center of tons of tourist activities. The shipyard itself has an onsite museum, which displays impressive collections of life size and miniature ships used by the U.S. Navy.

Historic Sites in Portsmouth

Olde Towne

The Olde Towne is a location in the city that is dotted with homes that have traditional architectures and layouts that date back centuries. These have been preserved by the local council to maintain Portsmouth’s cultural and social ties with other countries.

The Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church is also located here, which was built by slaves and is the second oldest building in the city. Another historical building called the Pass House is most visited by those exploring the rich history of the city. The Pass House was used to issue passes to people wanting to travel on the Elizabeth River in 1841.

Cedar Grove Cemetery

Cedar Grove Cemetery is a state owned cemetery in Portsmouth. Established in 1832, many notable figures and leaders of the city are buried here. Within the cemetery are more historical monuments and landmarks that can be visited on self-guided tours.

The Hill House

Occupied by the Hill Family in the 1800s, the Hill House has been preserved exactly as it would have been in those days. Decorate with English furnishings, paintings and belongings of the original family; the Hill House is a constant reminder of the city’s glorious colonial past.

Four stories high, the house has gone through minimal renovations to maintain safety standards for tourists who visit this historical site with great interest.