Norfolk Appraisals


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Known as the second most populated city in the state of Virginia, Norfolk shares a strategic location, along with nine other cities in Hampton Roads. Being a popular metropolitan area in the state of Virginia, it acts as a hub for all business and commerce related activities- especially since it is also home to the natural harbor that goes by the same name as the city itself. Norfolk shares a reputation of being the cultural, financial and industrial heart of the area, since it is one of the oldest cities of Hampton Roads.

From a historical viewpoint, the city has decades of stories folded between the pages of the history of the state of Virginia. Norfolk has a strong and rich history, as far as strategic military is concerned. It is home the largest Naval Base in the world, alongside the infamous NATO’s two Strategic Command Headquarters.

Surrounded by water from various sides, Norfolk has a plethora beaches along its riverfront and bay – like many other cities in the Hampton Roads. This is what makes it a scenic tourist destination and attracts a massive influx of tourists from all across the globe. Norfolk is also known for its architectural structures like bridges, highways and tunnels. In fact, it is known to be the one of the few cities in the United States to have bridges and tunnels.

Historical Attractions In Norfolk

Being a cultural and historic center of the region of Virginia, Norfolk offers a multitude of attractions sprawled across its length and breadth- many of these date back to the late nineteenth century.

Attucks Theatre

The inception of this landmark dates back to the early nineteenth century, when Harvey Johnson built the theatre. Back then, it was known as the “Apollo Theatre of the South” and was named as a tribute to the first ever African-American warrior- Crispus Attucks in the Revolutionary War. Ever since it was established, the Attucks Theatre has been home to various performers and has been nothing but a source of pure entertainment for the masses. Currently, it strives to serve the very same purpose and is now famous as The Crispus Attucks Cultural Centre.

Freemason Street Baptist Church

This is perhaps the oldest building in Norfolk and was constructed by Thomas Ustick Walter, back in 1850. Being a single storey building, the Gothic inspired Baptist church exhibits grandeur and magnificence, which depicts the sound heritage of the state of Virginia.

Fort Norfolk

The Fort of Norfolk is a historical district, comprising of 13 ancient monuments. These historical structures were built between the years 1795 and 1809. Amongst these chronological landmarks, the gatehouse, circular brick fort and brick bastion are the top attractions- for tourists and locals alike!

Monticello Arcade

A three-tier, Beaux Arts inspired building, the Monticello Arcade is the oldest shopping arcade in all of Virginia. It was constructed around 1907, which was later renovated and remodeled, keeping intact the architectural essence of the place. It is a longitudinal, mall-like structure, with gleaming skylights and offers its shoppers a unique and exquisite shopping experience. It wasn’t till 1975 that the Monticello Arcade was registered in the National Register of Historic Places.

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