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Newport News is perhaps the fifth most populated city in Virginia, with a population estimate of around 183,412. It is one of the seven cities situated along the length and breadth of the Hampton Roads and enjoys a significant proportion of the Virginian Peninsula’s waterfront.

Historically, it used to be an inherent part of the Warwick County, back in 1634, under the kingship of Charles I. For almost 250 years since its inception, this community was a scattering mass of underdeveloped land. It took around fifteen years to alter the shape of the land towards greater development and progress.

Since the city borders the James River and lies alongside the Hampton Roads, the shipping and boating industry has been thoroughly boosted. This only adds to the splendor of the city, it greatly contributes towards its economic growth. Due to its proximity to the waterfront, Newport News is closely twined with the military- with US Navy and Air Force bases nearby.

Historical Sites of Newport News

Denbigh Plantation Site

Built around 1626 for Captain Samuel Mathews, the Denbigh Plantation Site is popularly known as Mathews Manor. When the owner’s property was burnt down, his son built another house in the vicinity and thus, became the Governor of Colonial Virginia. After the 17th century, the site was renamed as Denbigh Plantation Site. Being an archeological attraction, the remains of this place served as a significant study material for various archeologists. The ruins that were carefully preserved depicted various facts about the early civilizations and their lifestyles.

Lee Hall Mansion

The Lee Mansion, which was named after its owner Richard Decatur Lee, took a good two to three years to build. During the American World War, the Lee Hall Mansion served as headquarters for generals such as Joseph E. Johnston and John B. Magruder. In close proximity of the Lee Hall Mansion is another house, known as Endview Plantation. This served as a hospital to treat the victims of the war of 1856 and is known to be 238 years old!

Warwick County Courthouses

Originally founded in 1810, Warwick County Courthouses consist of numerous courthouses and clerical offices. It follows the Federal, brick based architectural design. Later, however, when the building was renovated, it was designed along  the lines of the Italianate style. Until 1958, the property was used to accommodate offices, after which the Warwick County was separated from the state of Virginia.

Greenlawn Memorial Park

Greenlawn Memorial Park is also known as the Greenlawn Cemetery and sprawls across 50 acres of land. Inaugurated in 1888, the cemetery has been serving as a burial ground to almost 20,000 burials. Its historical significance can be gauged by the fact that it has a longitudinal obelisk, which commemorates the valor of 163 Confederate Prisoner of War. The names of these prisoners are stated in a ledger at the bottom of the structure, along with the ranks and units each soldier belonged in. All in all, confederates from 13 southern states are mentioned on this monument. Every year, thousands of people come to pay homage to these warriors for their bravery and patriotism.