Home Measurement Services


Have You Ever Gotten Your Home Measured?

What Is Home Measurement?

Home Measurement pertains to the amount of heated livable area in your house. Homeowners tend to think the entire parameter of their property is home; in reality, not every square foot of the property is livable. The actual livable square footage of your home does not include backyards, garages and other storage facilities.

Why Do I Need a Home Measurement Appraisal?

If you haven’t had your home recently appraised, chances are you have no idea of its exact measurements. A home measurement appraisal details how much of your home is actually livable, how much is potentially livable, and how much is set aside for additional facilities.

When it comes to the real estate industry, size matters. Estimates can’t get the job done. Only with an accurate home measurement appraisal will you be able to:

  • Put the house on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). The MLS is a database available to all types of real estate brokers. It contains details of other houses and properties available on the market. An accurate livable space figure is required to list your home on the MLS.
  • Boost credibility. If you want buyers to think of you as a credible seller, having your home measured is a must.
  • Have an idea of the worth of the home. Before you invite buyers in to take a look, it’s always better to have an idea of your home’s worth so that you can compare the prices being offered. The only way to have an estimate is to know the exact measurements of your home.

Types of Home Measurements

The two basic types of home measurement offered by experts at Atlantic Appraisal Group are:

  1. Home Measurement: The first of these services is a simple measurement of the Gross Livable Area (GLA) in a house. An accurate GLA saves a lot of time when homeowners want to get a home listing easily.
  2. Floor Plan Recreation (FPR): Floor Plan Recreation goes beyond giving a figure for home measurement. It outlines the dimensions of the rooms, the approximate location of doors, appliances, fixtures and plumbing. A breakup service, FPR lets you present your home in a very attractive way to potential buyers.

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