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Among the seven strategic cities located in the Hampton Roads, in the state of Virginia, Hampton lies on the southeastern edge of the Peninsula. With a population of around 137,436, Hampton’s history dates back to the as old as 400 years and can be traced back to its Old Point’s Comfort, whereby Captain Christopher Newport founded it as a colonial settlement.

The end of the American Civil War marked the beginning of the Hampton University, which was established with the sole aim of educating the Native Americans that dwelled in the area. The 20th Century witnessed massive developments and soon enough, Hampton was home to the NASA Langley Research Center, Virginia Air and Space Center and the Langley Air Force Base.

The city of Hampton offers a bit of everything for everyone- be it tourists or its own citizens. From historic to contemporary, from business to industrial- Hampton has it all.  The recently added Peninsula Town Center adds an urban and polished dimension to the historic city.

The Town Centre was inaugurated in 2010 and comprises of various retail complexes, restaurants, bars and various other exciting outlets. All in all, Hampton is gradually transforming into a sophisticated urban development, with a rich and cultural backdrop.

Historical Sites of Hampton City

Aberdeen Gardens

The Aberdeen Gardens were initially established to facilitate African-American workers in Newport and Hampton. Back in the days, it was the pioneer rehabilitation community for the African-Americans after the American Civil War. For this reason alone, major streets and lanes in the vicinity are named after eminent African Americans, the likes of whom are Lewis and Walker Road. These gardens are spread over 440 acres and are home to 158 single-family homes. The community also has a school and commercial center for its inhabitants.

Eight-Foot High Speed Tunnel

The Eight-Foot High Speed Tunnel also goes by the name of Eight-Foot Transonic Tunnel and is located in NASA’s Langley Research Centre in Hampton. The tunnel’s structure was ready by the end of 1936 and it costed around $36,266,000 to construct it. This tunnel was one of its kind, given its non-stop flow of wind, which was produced at the speed of sound. By 1950, the tunnel underwent major transformation in its design, in order to enhance its operating efficiencies. However, it was soon discontinued in 1956 and was announced to be a National Historic Landmark henceforth.

Chesterville Plantation Site

The Chesterville Plantation Site is of particular significance to archeology, since it was established in the early 17th Century. In order to preserve the history of this ancient landmark, the ruins of the two-storey brick house are preserved for archeologists to study the lifestyle of the people of the 17th century. The multiple storey house, however, gave way to a brutal fire in 1911.

Buckroe Beach Carousel

Buckroe Beach Carousel takes us back to the 1920s, when it was constructed by the Philadelphia Toboggan Company. It covers a radius of around 27.5 feet, with 18 sections and a total of 42 oil paintings painted to perfection. It can be called as a vintage carousel, with 48 handcrafted horses. It became dysfunctional around 1985 and was operable once again by the end of 1980s.