Estate Planning & Retrospective

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Do You Need Help Settling An Estate?

An estate settlement is needed after the death of a relative leaves property to be divided for inheritance. Planning and settling an estate in Hampton Roads is a detail-oriented business.  Estate planning requires a thorough analysis of the circumstances and conditions of the real estate market.

Estate Planning, Settlement & Appraisal

Estate Appraisals are also called “Date of Death Appraisals” or “Retrospective Appraisals” because the value of an estate on the date the owner died is significant. This value, along with the current market price, determines all future decisions regarding the selling or holding of assets.

Most importantly, an estate appraisal is required for division and tax purposes.  Typically, an estate appraisal takes place 2 to 6 months after the owner’s death.  Transfer of ownership is the goal, and inheritance decisions cannot proceed without knowing the estate’s worth.

Choosing an Estate Planning Appraiser

An attorney representing the estate owner can contact an appraisal company on behalf of their client, or as heirs of the estate, you can choose the appraiser yourself. Above all, you want an appraiser with credibility and experience when it comes to matters of inheritance.

Keep in mind that every Estate Appraisal is unique. Since estates are privately managed and created, every estate has different characteristics.  No two cases can be treated the same way.  For this reason, Atlantic Appraisal Group personally tailors all of our estate settlement cases to each individual client.

Our team provides estate appraisals in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Newport News, Hampton, Portsmouth, Suffolk and Yorktown.

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