Chesapeake Appraisals


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The City of Chesapeake is the third most populated city in all of Virginia. As of 2013, its population has been estimated to be 232,977. Even though it has always been an independent city, it is sometimes counted in the Hampton Roads Metropolitan Areas as well. While many have not even heard of this small town city, for those in Virginia, Chesapeake is a masterpiece with acres of beautiful farmland.

Even though there a number of small, urban settlements in the city that have been appraised by the Atlantic Appraisal Group; it is largely a vast expanse of land that is used by farmers for agriculture, animal rearing and conserving plantations. This far-from-the-city feel gives Chesapeake its high rank in the tourism industry. Untouched forests, exotic species and miles of wetlands make it an exploration marvel.

The History of Chesapeake

The City of Chesapeake is spread on an area of 351 sq. miles; of which 341 sq. miles is land and the remaining miles are waterbeds. The beautiful Hampton Roads city as we see today was granted independent status in 1963, after significant changes were made to existing Virginia and Norfolk Counties. These counties took up most of the areas that today form independent, yet small cities in the state.

Unknown to many, this infant city has a history in the colonial past of the state of Virginia. This historical lineage is reflected in the many ancient monuments and buildings present all around its expanse. For instance, along the Intercostal Waterway, between the Southern Branch Elizabeth River and the Chesapeake and Albemarle Canal, is the historic piece of land on which the Battle of Great Bridge was fought in 1775.

After the war, all traces of British dominion were erased from the land surrounding Chesapeake. For most of the 80s and the 90s, the city of Chesapeake was suburban land dotted with small houses. People in these neighborhoods worked outside the limits of the city, and hence, traveled back and forth on a daily basis. During this time, Chesapeake earned a reputation of a commuter town.

It was not until the mid-90s that the city slowly started to climb the stairs towards development and modernization. Schools, offices, restaurant chains and malls started to spring up. From here on, it was only a matter of time until Chesapeake turned into a bustling city with every facility and amenity easily available.

Attractions in Chesapeake

If you are a nature lover, Chesapeake will appease you. There is a lot to do while you turn off your electronic gadgets and spend an unplugged weekend here. Kayaking and canoeing is one particular favorite that most residents and tourists look forward to. The wide area of the Dismal Swamp Canal is the perfect place for some water activities, cruises and trials.

The Chesapeake Golf Club is another attraction in the Hampton Roads area that keeps people busy all day long. The club also has quality dining and refreshment facilities for members and visitors. Animal taming farms and high street shopping are some great options for spending family time on weekends.